Thursday, August 05, 2004

TIMEeurope - Heroes 2003

Time Europe TIMEeurope Magazine Heroes 2003

The Choices (ta da)
José María Aznar: Spanish prime minister
Franck Biancheri: French champion of European unity
Tony Blair: British prime minister
Hans Blix: Swedish UN weapons inspector
Bono: Irish pop star and charity activist
Jacques Chirac: French president
Joschka Fischer: German foreign minister
Vaclav Havel: First post-Communist Czech president
Alexander Kasenzi: Zambian humanitarian aid coordinator
Ken Livingstone: Mayor of London
Nelson Mandela: Former South African president
Pope John Paul II: The first Polish Pope
André Rieu: Dutch celebrity violinist and orchestra leader
Fernando Savater: Spanish anti-terrorist leader
Gerhard Schröder: German chancellor
Gino Strada: Italian surgeon and humanitarian, founder of Emergency
Linus Torvalds: Finnish IT pioneer and creator of the Linux computer operating system
Dominique de Villepin: French foreign minister
Lech Walesa: First post-Communist Polish president
Zinedine Zidane: French footballer

Results: Here
The results are given in chart form so there's no telling how many voted or the breakout. Judging by the entries that were suggested by readers, they won't notice.

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