Thursday, August 05, 2004

Seriously deluded

I always thought Stanley Crouch was seriously deluded. Nothing here changes my mind.

The Bush administration is also punking out. It is going along with the cowardice and immorality of the world at large because those advising it fail to understand that this is the time to take chances.

No recognition that the U.S. (meaning Bush administration) introduced the resolution in the U.N. to impose sanctions on Sudan if they failed to halt the Arab Muslim militia. The U.S. wanted the word "genocide" included, an act that would compel the U.N. to act. The threat of veto forced a compromise - to impose sanctions in 30 days.

No big deal there, you might think. But Kofi Annan had already negotiated an agreement with Sudan to give them 90 days to halt the Arab Muslim militia. Stanley Crouch knows this. He writes for newspapers. He reads them for a living. Reporters do that. They don't hop a plane and fly to hot spots getting the view first hand. So Stanley Crouch knows the U.S. contributed money to fly in the first planes, knows that the Bush administration has been pushing our multilateralist friends towards an action they would rather not commit themselves. Just as they would not commit the troops or money to Rwanda. That choice, to abandon 800,000 Rwandans to death, was a Clinton choice. Stanley Crouch knows that, too.

What Crouch wants is unilateral intervention. Bluntly spoken, he wants the U.S. to send in the troops. Because he wants it.

Calling Stanley Crouch deluded is a polite way of saying he's a liar. He is. He knows it, too.

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