Thursday, August 26, 2004


I rarely swear. It shows a lack of vocabulary, but this is pure crap.

Sen. John McCain has called on both political parties to declare a cease-fire in the increasingly bitter partisan quarrel over John Kerry's Vietnam war record.

McCain is, pure and simple, a filthy politician from a politically dirty state. His wife looted a medical foundation for her drug habit. He is the only Republican associated with the Savings & Loan scandal, and if all that doesn't worry you, he is a favorite of our mainstream media. Have you ever known any person they liked that you considered honest?

John McCain is a former P.O.W. It might have been the last decent thing he has ever done.

It's called FREE SPEECH, you damned idiot. It's why McCain-Feingold was passed. Except you and Feingold and the other libs thought it would give George Soros more power than any single American citizen. Didn't work that way, did it?

Now go sod off. Your fifteen minutes are over.

Arizona Republicans are fronts when Democrats are so discredited they couldn't get elected dog catcher. (Like Bill Weld in Massachusetts.) There's Fife Symington, the only Republican governor ever pardoned by a Democrat president. (They are wrong, it was Clinton.) Symington wasn't the first Arizona governor impeached, either. More on Meecham and the Rotten core state of Arizona.

California Republicans who have the same problem, call them RINOS - Republican in Name Only. It's not exactly catchy. I prefer to call em Dirty Shields myself.


jackbadd said...

Why is being POW a decent thing?

Jib said...

lol. I like the 'I rarely swear. It shows lack of vocabulary..." line.

But on the topic of the post, I'll admit that I paid little attention to McCain-Feingold as it was debated in the senate. I wasn't quite the informed wank that I am today, and I swallowed the media's general consensus that the legislation was a good thing. Now I'm disturbed. Candidates for the highest office in the land should not be able to kill speech by 3rd parties. As for McCain, he has succesfully pulled the wool over a lot of peoples' eyes. He is as politically calculating and self interested as Bill Clinton.

Mediaskeptic said...
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Anonymous said...

John McCain's father was a four-star admiral. The Vietcong knew that and offered McCain an early release. He refused, staying with those who were not offered that same privilege.

I honored him then, and still do for that decency.