Thursday, August 26, 2004

Fury from the impotent north

Toronto Star editorial by Haroon Siddiqui, America winning battle, losing the war
This was a confrontation al-Sadr could not have lost and America could not possibly have won, and should never have got dragged into.

That it did, shows, yet again, its imperial arrogance as well as ignorance of the history and culture of a nation it's trying to subdue mostly with brute force.
[bolding mine]
Article ends with this, "Regardless of how this battle ends, America has already lost the war." This, no doubt, appeals to the immigrant population in Toronto. Probably plays well in Third World countries as well. Wait. What am I thinking? Toronto IS a Third World country, complete with SARS - the only country outside the cockroach ridden orient that had a SARS outbreak. Ought to tell you something.

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