Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dictionary of sorts

Since McGreevey's public confession ("I am a gay American.") knowledgeable bloggers have mentioned a "beard" which is defined as

1) To date a woman to prevent the suspicion of being homosexual.
2. A lesbian who dates or marries a homosexual to prevent suspicion of his homosexuality, or to help him socially.
This leads to the obvious.

What do you call a politican who claims gayness to distract from more egregious crimes? A McGreevy. There must, too, be a name for gay rights' activist organizations who help him slander gays to preserve his hide. Galacover

What, I wondered, do you call a political party who hides behind women elected for the reason that other men are generally too polite to treat them as badly as they deserve? Democraducks. (In the case of Canada, they are Libducks.)
The women they hide behind are PolitiSkirts, a reference not to their attire but the skirts the Democraducks hide behind.

Medianesia dictates that the media conveniently forget the facts that reflect unfavorably on their candidate/politician/party/profession/favorite dictators

Mint is a strong media hint, usually a Ron Brownstein article in the LaLa Times or a New York Times editorial offering plausibility and suggested excuses for their candidate/politician/party/profession/favorite dictators.

The psuedodictionary.com has a few nice ones including this one.

Copyright Michael Tremoglie, FrontPage MAGAZINE.com: "....Socialists, Maoists, Stalinists, Leninists, Marxists, and Communists. However, the mainstream media does not identify them as such. They prefer to call them 'activists.' (Know your mainstream media code words.)"

Feel free to offer suggestions.

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Jib said...

Another for the pseudodictionary: progressive is slowly taking the place of liberal in the lefty lexicon.