Monday, August 30, 2004

McCain on those 527s he helped create

McCain-Feingold created the 527 loophole but now John McCain wants the Federal Election Commission leadership to resign because they are "corrupt" and unwilling to regulate the spending of the political groups McCain helped created. Go figure.

I have a hard time condemning free speech. Not the take-off-your-clothes-and-expose-yourself-to-five-year-olds in support of sexual activism kind. Those people ought to go to jail. But I think people are smart enough to understand the difference between "Bush is Hitler" speech and the Swift Boat Veteran ads. I also think there will be little necessity for the 527s next election go around, because as the Vets ads have demonstrated, you don't need $15 million of George Soros' money to make a point. And if you are as lame as, another $100 million wouldn't make a difference.

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