Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Paul Krugman, unhinged

AtlanticBlog on Paul Krugman.
What depresses some of us about Krugman is that he has become a one trick pony. He has become so unhealthily obsessive about George Bush that he cannot seem to think about anything else. George Bush has become his great white whale.

Exactly. I recently saw Krugman on a Chris Matthew show, along with Bill O'Reilly. Krugman had that tweedy look with the unhealthy anticipation you see on addicted gamblers waiting to place their bets. He hummed with eagerness that was somewhat unseemly for someone who is supposed to be thoughtful.

No matter what his qualifications in economics, he strikes me as an obsessive who, like most who think of themselves as intellectuals, have scant regard for the human equation in their scheme of things. In the abstract, eugenics was a good policy to European academics. They crossed the line when they didn't disavow the consequences. The same is happening with modern day euthanasia in the Netherlands where close to 44% of recorded deaths are due to "medical decision" i.e. terminal sedation and euthansia combined. [NOTE: Expatica link broken. Use this one. ]

The New York Times, like all rabid Lefties, likes to collect and nurture the unhinged. They make good attack dogs.

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