Saturday, August 21, 2004

Spineless Twits

The two headlines show exactly what the Canadian media is about.

"Millions mishandled, military audit finds"
Subhead: Dubious dealings could reach $81M

Projecting the findings to the $1.1 billion spent each year by hundreds of local units, the report said the value of the dubious transactions is between $23 million and $81 million.

Shameful military. Compare that with this article, at the bottom of the Canada page"
"Delays hit firearms registry redesign"
Subhead: No new computer system two years after deal signed
You have to read the entire article to the last paragraph to get to this:

The overall gun control program — licensing owners and registering guns — was originally projected to have a net cost of $2 million, but after 10 years in the works, will hit the $1-billion mark this year. Said Conservative critic Breitkreuz of the delays: "It's a bureaucrat's dream."

[bolding is mine]
That's corruption in Canada and media collusion. I can't see why a single reader or voter in Canada would tolerate this nonsense. A billion dollars for a gun registry! Talk about a nation of sheep who stand patiently in line for hospitalization, including life threatening time sensitive treatments, while their government spends $1billion registering guns.

No wonder Canada has to import so many immigrants. Who the hell would want to live there with such utter spineless twits.

Oh, and the gun registry computer system still doesn't work.

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