Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Daily Canadian Roundup

Hard to disagree with this observation on the Olympics.
After the first days, it's possible that the Olympics are on the cusp of utter irrelevance. The IOC is an absurd organization. The athletes cheat. The venues in Athens are often almost empty. It's hard to care.
While Eric Morse wonders, "Is this the end of the Games?" Short version: Nah. Me: Too bad.

Columnist Lysianne Gagnon on civil Liberties.
Unfortunately, in practically every part of Canada, the tradition of civil liberties has disappeared in favour of a "human rights" approach that rests on a different philosophy.

It's called socialism. But shhhhh.

Then there is America-hating, chess-playing nutcase Bobby Fischer to marry Japanese chess official to avoid extradition and wants help renouncing his citizenship. Should not be all that hard to do, I would think.

Globe and Mail doing their best to keep Canadians ignorant:
Delusional "European Dream" v.s. failed "American Dream" from author of book, European Dream.
Europe's vision of the future may have greater resonance -- a kind of grand reversal, if you will, of what occurred 200 years ago when millions of Europeans looked to America in search of a new vision.

Bio details the Globe didn't give. And here. Activist Cash on Rifkin Foundation on Economic Trends.

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