Tuesday, August 24, 2004


On Why we must watch Chavez,
A seasoned and respected reporter for The New York Times, Mr. Mathews secretly interviewed Fidel Castro at his guerrilla camp in the mountains of eastern Cuba not long before Mr. Castro's triumphant march into Havana in 1959. His conclusion? Fidel Castro was a democrat.

Walter Duranty did that service for Stalin in the 1930s, so it's kind of a New York Times tradition.

It isn't as if the evidence was not there to peg Castro as a communist. His brother, Raul, five years younger than the Bearded One, has never hidden his political affiliations and those who lived in Columbia during the 1948 revolution remember the name from the radio broadcasts. The more rabid of the two, Raul is the ideological brother who will succeed Fidel. He will do so with the financial support of Venezuela. It helps that current high oil prices are being triggered by the Yuko oil crisis -- Putin's contribution to the cause. None of this covered by the Globe, nor the article. Nor the New York Times.

What a surprise.

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