Monday, August 30, 2004

McCain for VP?

McCain to replace Cheney? Soxblog says Bill Kristol thinks so. The problem with McCain is the Savings and Loan involvement, his wife's drug addiction, the looting of the medical relief agency she headed, Arizona's history of Republican criminality, and McCain's embrace of the Democrat agenda - campaign finance reform. Added to that, he has a volatile temper that isn't conducive to thoughtful governance. Why the heck would anyone want him?

Bill Kristol is not reliable in his predictions. He is more of a pusher than a mover in Washington and in Republican politics. He likes to float trial balloons. I put him in the category of MACR - Media accepted cruddy Republicans. If the media invites you on their political posturing shows, it's because you are a cruddy Republican.

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Jib said...

I'd be very disappointed to see Cheney off the ticket. Then again, I've prepared myself for some disappoinment over the platform of this convention, why not more?

I agree with your assessment, and I think Cheney will be on the ticket. In fact, I think they formally nominated he and Bush this morning.