Monday, August 30, 2004

Say what????

The blurb for this article is all that's necessary. Either the Guardian is deluded or someone is faking their expense accounts and contacts with the rich and famous.
As the slick editor of Vanity Fair, America's celebrity bible, Graydon Carter has never shown much interest n politics. But now he has written a passionate diatribe against George Bush. Here he explains why.

The Guardian is thrilled at "the 340-page polemic attacking Bush and comparing Donald Rumsfeld to Hermann Goering." Takes some imagination, doesn't it? Were all these Lefties abandoned children left in movie theatres to watch endless projection of Nazi movies?
With this book and the Vanity Fair editorials in which he rehearsed its outraged tone, Carter joins what might be regarded as the cultural opposition to Bush, a loose alliance that numbers among its members Michael Moore, the comic Al Franken, and the shock-jock Howard Stern - and which some suggest has done more to help dislodge Bush from the White House than full- time politicians like the anaemic John Kerry.

What planet do these people live on?

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