Sunday, April 30, 2006

Media cheat

Don't you just love it when Pulitzer Prize winners are cheats exposed by the blogosphere?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spain falls way behind on greenhouse emissions

Spain signed the Kyoto Protocol in 1990, promising to cut fuel emissions by 15% by 2002.   Since 1990, emissions have risen 53%.

It is, however, the fault of those bastards - the Americans.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fragmenting the Nation State one election at a time

Think about this.
The votes of 40,000 Canadian citizens who qualify as "Italians abroad," some of whom have never set foot in Italy and many of whom don't speak Italian, played a pivotal role in the defeat of billionaire Silvio Berlusconi in Italy's election yesterday, according to poll results released late last night.
In 2002 Italy approved of the Italians Abroad voting plan to allow non-resident "Italians" to vote in Italian elections. The result is that foreigners elected 12 seats in Italy's lower house and 6 seats in the senate. The North and Central American voters will be represented by a "leftist" - Guerino [The Globe is wrong. His first name is Renato] Turano, head of a Chicago-based banking company. Also elected was a Canadian.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


FINALLY. Canada has added the Tamil Tigers to the list of terrorist organizations.

Friday, April 07, 2006


After sixty years, the Czech Republic will bury some 4,300 German soldiers currently stored in boxes at a Czech factory.  

Silly French

The more you learn about the French, the more you realize you were right all along.  

The EU parliament is required to leave Brussels one week every month to go to Strasbourg.   I kid you not.   It was insisted upon by the French in the original treaty.   Which means that thousands of deputies, aides, journalists etc, must make the monthly pilgrimage to Strasbourg.   Silly.   (Which pretty much describes French politics.)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Newsday circulation fraud Pt 4

Newsday executive involved in the circulation fraud surrendered Friday.

What the media doesn't tell you.

Rallying the troops

The sheer number of MSM stories on how valuable journalism is, that journalists are professionals, and better than blogs is enlightening.   Not the least because it has taken on the tone of a cheerleading rally, as in this piece.

It's not intended to convince readers who have long since had enough information to form a rational opinion about the credibility of the MSM.   These are intended to cheer up what has to be demoralized newsroom journalists.

Cleaning up the Liberal Act

Stephen Harper, the new Canadian Prime Minister has started out with a bang.   His first trip was to visit Canadian troops in Afghanistan and tell them that they are valued and that their mission is supported.   Today he announced that Canada will be scrapping the Liberal plan to decriminalize marijuana.

How come we don't have conservatives in the U.S. who actually do something, well, conservative?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

European Terrorism

On the surface it looks as if the Dutch are finally beginning to realize their danger from an unassimilated immigrant population and their danger from terrorism. The Dutch intelligence service AIVD is not optomistic in this report by Netherlands Radio.

The problem is, of course, that having posted the article and interviewed AIVD chief Sybrand van Hulst, that will be the end of the media recognition of the problem. European media, like our MSM, are committed to multiculturalism, that university-inspired abandonment of assimilation to form a cohesive society, the fragmentation of which is a beloved goal of the Left and of Internationalists who see the decline of the nation state as an opportunity for them to gain power. Unopposed.

The idea of a European Union modeled after the French economy and socialist utopian dreams has always been less about economic opportunity than destablization of the existing nation states. Ultimately it will lead to dependence upon impotent international organizations like the United Nations. It's the same dependence that has left Africa a victim of countless, endless wars, tribal animosity, and unending conflict.

It's the same future a lot of people are beginning to see for Europe.