Monday, August 23, 2004

Hate crime on campus

At least we now know where the hate comes from on campus.
Her gold Honda was sprayed with racial and religious epithets March 9 in a parking lot at Claremont McKenna College. She reported discovering the damage after speaking at a forum on hate speech.

The college canceled classes for a day of anti-hate rallies.

Only thing was, the psychology professor faked the crime, spraypainting her own car, slashing the tires herself. She was found guilty of the hoax.

It wasn't her first brush with the law. A shoplifting arrest led to charges of police abuse, quickly dropped with a witness reported seeing her inflict bruises on her arm and tearing her shirt. Then there was the petty theft conviction. She also pretended to be a nurse and sought prescription drugs. There was also possession of stolen property, driving on a suspended sentence, and failing to appear in court.

A transcription of her speech during the rally against hate. One blogger referred to it as the "Reichstag gambit" - "the commission of a horrible crime together with the attribution of responsibility for the crime to political enemies. "

And the crime isn't unique, according the SF Gate. "More than 20 hate crime hoaxes have been suspected or confirmed at college campuses nationwide in the past seven years as students draw on the socially conscious atmosphere of a college campus to perpetrate their fraud."


Mike said...

First of all, what sort of significant crime _isn't_ a hate crime? I just don't understand that whole concept.

But, beyond that:

This woman is wrong in the head. Even if she's "trying to make a point," as these dillusional, bleeding-heart folks usually claim, the only point she made is that she's wrong in the head.

What a basketcase.

The previous record is nice, too. Way to go Claremont HR department for checking this one out before the paperwork was done. How much is tuition at this school? I'm pretty sure every parent of a student who took a class with this mental case should file a lawsuit.

Psychology is an ironic career path, too; I think she needs some couch time.

Alessandra said...

The "hate" crime framing is a profound mimicry of Orwell´s Animal Farm tale, when the pigs take over the power.

And this post and your comment couldn´t make for a better tie to what Rice wrote regarding the distraction that the Olympics represents from other much, much more serious issues.

Homo activists have pumped up the propaganda for their "plight" and people love to be distracted with this instead of facing how many problems with sexual violence and dysfunctions we have in society, not to mention all the other serious problems, such as mass hunger, etc.