Friday, August 27, 2004

Ann Coulter shoots to kill

Ann Coulter shoots to kill. It's refreshing candor after the mental contortions of George Will. (How HE got to be described as conservative beats me. I guess it is the closest the Washington Post could come to equal time. One "sorta conservative" against 100 leftwing, raving lunatic, lying b*stard, pinko, liberal columnists at the paper.)

Ann, however, is on target with this "Admitted war criminal cries foul" column.

You have to find out yourself who she targets. But I applaud her choices.

(Actually I do know why they picked George Will. He's supposed to be the William F. Buckley token "Republican." Verbose, out of touch, antiquated, incomprehensible without a dictionary with enough gymnastic thinking to confuse a cabbie, Country Club Eastern Establishment, boring, and uncompromisingly Elite. Note to voters: why you don't want THEM representing you.)

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