Sunday, August 22, 2004

The resignation of James McGreevey, "I am a gay American." still rings mockingly in the air. Studiously avoided by the media (until NYT gave McGreevey a forum yesterday) and the gay rights activists, it was a such a cynical and flagrant excuse for malfeasance in office that I was tempted to go to Andrew Sullivan's site to get his reaction. I didn't. Sullivan is on vacation for a bit, I understand, but in something so important he would surely check in. The fact is that I didn't want to read him. It's too sad.

The Left has been assiduous in their courting of blacks, then gays. Minorities of all types - - when actually gathered together make a distinct majority -- are more valuable to the hate-generating media as separate. And unequal. And angry. These are the political proletariats who can be counted upon as shock troops, loyal to their cause above all else. They are the copywriters working in newsrooms spiking columns by the sole conservative at the Boston Globe. Or the committee looking over the shoulder of every journalist, looking, scanning, searching for the slant, the slur, the insult, the implication. Eager for the reason to protest, object and spike the stories they find objectionable. Collectively they are minority journalists. In practice they are groomed and selected, carefully nurtured, and used by their employers - Newspapers - as Big Brother surrogates. Nothing passes these gatekeepers. And while they perform the dirty work and are congratulated by their bosses, they do irreparable damage to free speech. They are supposed to.

Newspapers can hire all the PC shock troops they want to suppress other more worthy journalists with no axe to grind but not yet educated into the mindthink of the Left. The internet can provide an outlet for writing for those journalists who write because they are driven to understand the world, because they want to share what they discover, because they have something to say. Which is why Andrew Sullivan was so respected. Whether you agreed with him or not, his clarity of thinking was refreshing. He was a good writer and consistent. That is until it became clear this his prime goal - his minority view and goal of gay marriage - was opposed by the Bush administration.

Victory so close must have been frustrating to Sullivan. But how close was it? Missouri expressed clearly what most Americans think and feel about gay "marriage." The vote was so lopsided in a state where Democrats, usually thought of as socially "progressive" if not liberal, voted with Republicans for a constitutional amendment preserving marriage for men and women that a rational person would have clued into the defeat was bipartisan. This has always been a reality but one not acknowledged by gays. Massachusetts courts do not reflect America. Ted Kennedy couldn't be elected in any other state of the union. Vermont does not reflect American values. San Francisco has always been hallucinogenic. How can anyone delude themselves that they can by highhandedness preempt the public and impose a social revolution by fiat?? Yet gays do. They aren't the only ones who hold out for impossible social/political power and privilege that once denied embitters them to the point of irrationality. That makes them the Palestinian bomb throwers. The haters. Haters are willing to do damage to any person, any institution, any opposition to their unrealistic goal. The closer the goal, the more vicious their assault, the more irrational they become, the more frenzied their hatred.

I can't go to Sullivan's site for the same reason I don't watch nightly news and view Palestinians who have been used as human weapons of mass destruction for decades cheer in the street at news of Israeli or American deaths. The disaffected and disenchanted don't want to work for decent government, or work for deserved representation, or work for respect and seek shared values. They want it all. They want it now. And the agitators know it, and they know the power of the weapon they yield.

James McGreevey used the "I am a gay American." to mock his own party that was willing to set him adrift. He was aided by the gay activists who, like the war activists that agitate and promote hatred in the Middle East, don't want solutions or compromise. They want conflict. They want anger. They want hate. They want violence to people, institutions, values, or religion. I can't read Andrew Sullivan anymore. It makes me too sad that someone would sacrifice their integrity so foolishly and so destructively. Oddly enough, I respect James McGreevey more. He's a crook and never pretended otherwise.

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Alessandra said...

Nice post on these questions regarding the McGreevey. I´ve blogged a lot about it too, especially regarding culture and sexuality wars. I don´t, however, respect anything about McGreevey or his sexuality, and I think he has just begun the biggest spin of his life. But unless, more dirt becomes public, the extent of it will never be known.