Saturday, August 14, 2004


Terrorists in Canada are routinely checked in as refugees, given temporary visas, allowed to sprint through customs and settle in Toronto. As long as you are not a PC criminal, you can expect lenient treatment.

"Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel" - Doesn't even the intimate coupling of the description and the name suggest some dire crime? Except that few pedophiles are called Pedophile John Doe. This is the clue that the crime is Serious. So serious in fact that Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel has been kept in solitary confinement in Toronto since last year while they try to deport him to Germany. Canadian officials consider him a security threat, hence the solitary confinement. For a year.

For writing something.

Supporters at various web sites suggest it's a Jewish plot to keep him there. Considering Toronto's history of anti-semitic actions by their citizens, it seems unlikely. More likely is that it is because he spent most of his life in Canada and is a profound embarassment to them. Couple that, with their PC (read: morally neutral) posturing and continued assault on free speech as they prosecuted him over and over and over, and you have a Serious Crime rather than just a nutcase who deserves to be ridiculed.

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