Thursday, August 12, 2004

Alternate Reality

All things considered, this Associated Press story on N.J. Gov. James E. McGreevey is so disconnected from reality that it makes you blink.

Get this endearing family portrait.

A Roman Catholic, McGreevey had a daughter with his first wife, Kari, who lives in British Columbia with the child. He has another daughter with his current wife. McGreevey spokesman Micah Rasmussen declined to answer any questions about the future of McGreevey's marriage.

As a candidate and governor, the former longtime altar boy proudly discussed his Catholic faith but publicly disagreed with church leaders over his support for abortion rights and same-sex partnerships. He pushed for the state's domestic partnership law, which went into effect this year.

It isn't until paragraph 16 that the AP writer mentions "severe scandals" like some bad disease contracted by the altar boy.

Globe and Mail Lawrence Martin remembers McGreevy.
Attaining political power usually involves compromise. Since Jim's ambition overwhelmed him, we knew he would make those compromises.

Unspecified reference to a few kickback scandals. Business as usual in New Jersy. No mention of the rest of McGreevy's malfeasance. But a little puzzlement. Clinton hadn't resigned. Neither had Guiliani. And some worry. "There is a lot more to the Jim McGreevey story to come." There was, Mr. Lawrence, a lot that came before. You just choose to ignore it as politics as usual.

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