Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Dope from Hope Tour

I was going to append a post on Toronto Star reporter's views on Clinton's book -- article named, "Bill Clinton: born to perform" -- but some things are just soooo obvious. Clinton finally arrived at the book signing in Toronto. An hour late. Gushed over in:

"Clintonmania rocks Toronto"
It says so much about the man, his "fans", his publicists in the media. Clinton doesn't need to hire a publicist. He already has a fan club and they share a lot in common with the inanity quoted in the article. How Clinton was dressed was noted. It's obviously important, although why I don't know.
Subtitle: Former president signs copies of his memoir amid tight security, fan frenzy usually reserved for rock stars

Related articles and the titles at the site and page
On TV, Clinton is a superstar
Keeper quote: "So it's no surprise Saturday Night Live wants him to guest host this season."
How Clinton dressed thrown in there, too. Again, I have no clue why.

Warts and all, Bill Clinton captivates
Subtitle: Happy warrior is at peace with himself (whatever the hell that means.)
Quote to note: "his birth on a clear August day, after a violent thunderstorm, a fitting metaphor for the joys and sorrows of what was to come."
Citing J.M. Barrie seems so appropriate.

I was in London a few years ago and in a long ride in agonizingly slow traffic, the taxi driver asked me what I thought of President Clinton. He was smiling and I think he assumed I would share a smile of shared pleasure. I said I thought Clinton was the first and last Media President. We talked about a lot of other things, never returning to the "media president" but it was an instinctive description that I never abandoned. It has as much to do with the way he was elected with a media-hyped minor recession creating an impression of impending depression, as the way he performed in office without any scrutiny. I thought he had all the depth of a Richard Gere suit.

The Hollywood campaign to elect Kerry has some of the elements, minus the media political/economic implications. Now, it's just money and influence. Thanks to campaign finance laws.

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