Monday, August 16, 2004

Bruce Stringsteen

After what we know about New Jersey politics, this comes as no surprise.
In 2002, there was a "Draft Springsteen For U.S. Senate Campaign" choreographed by Doug Freidline, "the guy who got Jesse Ventura elected governor of Minnesota."
"I don't think that Mr. Springsteen has to participate to actually run," he said. "In this situation with my political experience, all he has to do is basically put his name on the petition forms and we're off. I think the only thing I'd require of Mr. Springsteen would be to participate in the televised debates."

He's not certain of Springsteen's ideology, though. But he was optimistic. "new poll shows 22 percent of New Jersey voters would vote for Bruce." Bruce declined.

In case you think this was a satire. It's from ABC news. Ted Koppel, though, is a satire on serious journalism with his recent interview of Springsteen.

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