Monday, August 30, 2004

Quick thoughts

The beginning was cute -- the SNL intro. Charming. I just wish some of "reporterettes" had speaking voices that didn't sound like chalkboard. McCain's speech was impassioned and genuine. When he believes in something, he is very convincing. The problem seems to be that his belief system isn't entirely reliable. He was right on tonight. It was a good speech.

Guiliani warmed up then really soared. He's a New Yorker, talking to the RNC convention, but also talking to New Yorkers who love him. My husband wondered why the 9/11 tribute. But it was so absolutely right. We are at war. We have soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coasties, men and women, husbands and sons and daughters, wives and neighbors fighting and dying. We are at war and the media does not -- unlike the images of Pearl Harbor, shown over and over, -- show the Twin Tower devastation. Talked about but absence of pictures makes you wonder sometimes about the reality. We should show those pictures every day. We ought to hear from the relatives. We ought to remember why we are fighting. I thought the speakers were touching. The flag unfurled at the Pentagon. It was September 12th. Her brother's birthday.

In all, it was a great start. It IS what we are about. We are Americans. We ought to act like it, together, in concert, to get the job done. Because it matters. And this thought: Thank goodness the adults are back in charge. I feel comforted.

Polipundit take on tonight. here


Jib said...

I thought that tonight's program was planned out perfectly. Use McCain to appeal to American's sense of honor and duty. After a very good, fairly uncontroversial speech, Have a 9/11 tribute that focuses on those who survived loved ones, and then roll into the Mayor. Giuliani is then on his game, humor and pointed criticism. After appealing to the viewers with McCain, use Giuliani to land some punches on Kerry/Edwards, but have those punches mixed with punch lines, which is what really devalues the Kerry/Edwards ticket.

You got it right on McCain. Very convincing when he's impassioned like that. I actually liked the guy for a few minutes until Fox interviewed him at the end of the night. Then he turned my stomach again.

Mediaskeptic said...

Did you read the McCain thing at Drudge - how he threw a big birthday bash for himself and invited the big media types?

They love him because he is a loose cannon, easily unmoored and moved to attack a Republican if they like. I can't figure out if he really likes them, the publicity they offer, or if they got something on him that he tries to appease.

Jib said...

I think he likes them because he has a tremendous ego, and they stroke it lovingly for him. In return, he gives them sound bites that they love.