Friday, August 27, 2004

Girlie Men

Canada's Globe and Mail is a good measure of international opinion about the U.S. The Globe folks take their cue from the Washington Post and, invariably, lean far left toward Internationalism. That's a kind of Third World consortium of losers who have pinned their hopes on a form of global socialism where the elected become democratic Rulers with all the privilege and pomp and, of course, the money, without the inconvenience of nation state democracy to check the greed.

In Canada the Poliskirts are an effective tool. Like their American counterparts - (Maureen Dowd, for example, or Molly Ivins, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, etc.) Canadian MP Carolyn Parrish is the skirt behind which the cowering media and Liberal MPs hide, fearing someone might actually confront them. Which is why the media and Liberal Democraducks send her out in their stead. In this case, she's opposed, as always to the U.S. missile defense program.

It was up to John Ibbitson today to try to half-heartedly apologize for her.

Ms. Parrish belongs to a minority of Liberal MPs, and a minority of Canadians, who believe that the United States is an imperial power, and that Canada, a more virtuous country, should keep its distance, in particular by refusing to join the Americans in a continental missile-defence program.

The real worry? "A small cottage industry has arisen dedicated to telling the Americans whenever a Canadian insults them, which invariably prompts some talk-show host to insult us back."

Exactly. Wait until Ann Coulter discovers the Canadian weenie men.

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