Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Los Angeles, home of the dumb

Only 42 percent of Los Angeles Unified School District 10th-graders passed both parts of the new California High School Exit Exam that is now a requirement for graduation, according to state test results released Monday.

Now you know why educators in California have been so adamantly opposed to stardards testing. It's a particularly loathsome idea to the Los Angeles Unified School District where Roy Romer, former head of the Democrat party, is Superintendent. Of course, the Democrats, with absolutely no opposition from any newspaper, have The Solution.
To improve scores, district officials said a $14 billion construction program will help build new high schools and relieve overcrowding at existing campuses.

Los Angeles already has one of the most expensive schools in the country - a $200 million -- yes million dollar- Belmont Learning Center built on a landfill. It'll never open, of course. Flammable methane gas makes it unsafe for occupancy. And despite the fact that an audit recommended the prosecution of seven people, no one will be prosecuted either.
Los Angeles. It's kinda like New Jersey without the horrid accents.

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