Tuesday, August 24, 2004

New Canadian Supreme Court judges

What a surprise.
Two judges known for supporting same-sex rights have been tapped for Canada's highest court and will be screened in a first-ever public process.

Canada is determined to be more liberal than France, but that's because they have a more passive enlightened population. Multiculturalism does that for you. All values being equal, there is nothing to object to. Well, maybe one - the U.S. but hey, they're Canadian. They're proud. They're weenies.

UPDATE: More here says the appointments are to remedy a a gender deficit. You won't find a more honest assessment of the leftwing credentials of one of the judges and what activist judges are doing to Canadian law. A minor complication is that the Justice Minister who is responsible more than anyone for the choices, now claims that there is no need to question the judges as he offered himself up for questions. Pure Canadian farce.

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