Thursday, August 12, 2004

Anyone Michael Moore hates can't be all bad

It's not easy to predict what Margaret Wente might write. She's no cookie cutter journalist sucking up to a tofu-eating Lib editor. Invited by a friend to cast his vote in the coming U.S. election, she is pondering her choices.
Needless to say, my friends think I'm crazy to be puzzled. Every single one agrees that George W. Bush is a historical disaster of unprecedented magnitude. His reckless band of ideologues dragged America into an unnecessary war. His belligerence has alienated the entire world. Iraq is a hopeless mess. Afghanistan is almost as bad. At home, his tax cuts for the rich will wreck the economy for generations to come. He's against gay rights and choice for women, to say nothing of the environment. He has polarized the United States for years to come. His operatives are thugs, and he's a moron, and he believes he's carrying out God's will.

On the other hand, I figure anybody Michael Moore hates that much can't be all bad.

She understands.
But even if John Kerry wins, I doubt he can deliver. Iran is trying to get nukes. Someone is planning to drive a truck bomb into a building in New Jersey, or take a backpack full of dynamite on Chicago's El, and one day someone will succeed. Getting rid of George Bush won't get rid of all the bad guys in the world. And I've got a feeling they don't care who's president

Maybe not, Margaret. But we've got worse enemies in our Vichy media and the Euroweenies waging a proxy war on us. And we know which side Kerry is on.

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