Thursday, August 12, 2004

Kalandia Checkpoint

In the AP story they are "extremists," not terrorists, not Palestinian terrorists, who bombed an area next to the Kalandia Checkpoint. Dont' know where that is? It's the West Bank checkpoint the BBC tells you is cruel because Arabs are lined up for hours to pass. It's not true, but that never stopped the BBC. It's also the place where these guys hang out.

In typical Associated Press fashion, there is this admission, quickly skipped over and unconnected to the second quote.
In the past, Palestinian bombings, while targeting Israelis, have on occasion killed or wounded Arabs.

Five paragraphs down.
A 60-year-old Palestinian man, Salah Abu Sneineh, was killed in the blast. Three other members of his family were wounded, including his six-year-old grandson, Mahdi, who was in critical condition, according to Ramallah hospital officials. Seven more Palestinian bystanders were hurt.

Oh and, "Three members of the Israeli border police were also wounded, hospital officials said." as an afterthought. Those are the guys in the pictures.

Thanks to Little Green Footballs for the photo link and this.

UPDATE: A taxi driver was arrested after the explosion and gave information that led to arrest of another terrorist. A third was caught hiding out in a mosque. The three were supplied with a bomb and bought a baby carriage in which to plant the bomb. These are the romantic revolutionaries loved by the New York Times. Men hiding behind religion and in mosques, using baby carriages. Could be worse. They might have wired a baby inside. Maybe next year.

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