Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Jonah Goldberg on threats to democracy, making this observation.
The push to make voting so convenient you can do it with a remote control exemplifies a growing tendency among voters to regard their "choices" as more important than their obligations.

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UPDATE: From Claremont Blog The Remedy this:
Campaign finance reform and term limits also choke off the development of a base of candidates, leaving celebrities and the extraordinary wealthy (or those who marry rich) as the leading possibilities. Republicans look to football coaches, Democrats to media stars.

Good points from both. As a Californian, I disagree with Goldberg on the recall of Gray Davis. It was a healthy exercise in democracy. With both chambers Democrat and an unprincipled, unrestrained, lunatic governor, the voters from both parties made use of the referendum. It was a bi-partisan agreement that Gray Davis was a disaster. Should we have waited two more years?

Following Roger Simon's cue. [ED: Bolding is unncessary. People aren't dense.]

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