Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Let's just move on

Dismissing a debate about character in a candidate running for office is not a new media tactic. We've gotten men of thin honor for decades thanks to the non-issue of character. So is it any suprise that the Globe and Mail is ready for us to move on when Kerry's war record, his truthfulness, or his honor is questioned? Easy enough for the elite media to dismiss. Few people credit them with much truthfulness, or honor, or fairness. They're in it, like the elite political class, for the power, the fame, the perks, the influence, the money, the self-importance. And they have done so for so long that you no longer wonder at their self-serving debasement of the truth in exchange for winning. In that respect they're akin to athletes competing using illegal drugs, winning at all costs. And for much the same reasons. They want to win. At all costs. Fame is, after all, worth the damage to our institutions, our values, our way of life, even our lives. More importantly, the money is good.

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