Tuesday, August 10, 2004

It comes down to this

"This is Great Britain, circa 2004." AtlanticBlog observes as at a dinner party confronted by an anti-war guest.
What would you have done after September 11 if you were president of the United States?" The answer did more than even a steady diet of BBC broadcasts can do to make us realize just what Tony Blair is up against: "I would have been nicer to the Arabs, and made the Jews be nicer to the Arabs.

I suspect that had the terrorists bombed Parliament, the guest would have said the same thing. Fear is a normal reaction to a catastrophic event. But there is something of the old "Ban the Bomb" thinking in play in the new pacifism, a "We are all going to die!" hysteria that afflicts, primarily, the Too Comfortable, threatening as it does, their lifestyles, not to mention screwing up their travel plans. Inconvenience aside, the deepest resentment is that they won't be allowed to escape from reality.

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