Friday, September 23, 2005

We are doing just fine

A Instapundit reader questions the melodrama and newsworthyness of the "front row" seat coverage of the hurricane. I am with the writer. Watching Shepard Smith turning his hat backwards and clinging to a post while saying nothing of any importance whatsoever is not only not newsworthy, it is fodder for a a Saturday Night Live skit. John Belushi in a black trench coat, holding his hat, clutching a post and eating a chicken sandwich comes to mind.

On the other hand, Al Rantel, a KABC talk show host who used to have some common sense, was asking tonight if, after Katrina and now Rita, and [emphasis his] 9/11, if people were feeling a bit vulnerable. He confessed he was. I guess you would feel that way if you lost your sense of perspective.

What we are seeing is a fantastic display of the power of nature. People used to call those Acts of God as they recognized the inability of man to conjur up such immense power. We are seeing some of the biggest storms to ever hit this country and the loss of life is minimal. There is no question that we have the money and manpower to rebuild. There is no question that people will recover and return and make new homes. If anything, we should feel grateful, not vulnerable. If anything, we ought to feel humbled and awed, not fearful. Can you name another country in the world that can move 3,000,000 people in three days to safety and provide shelter for them in that distant place and make sure they are fed and clothed?

Hell, this isn't a tragedy; it's a test. We got an "A". We're doing just fine.

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