Friday, September 23, 2005

Fighting pornography

I am glad that someone is bringing perspective to the anti-porn focus by the FBI. Brent Bozell has a thoughtful piece. Quoting Ben Shapiro, author of Porn Generation, on the rising acceptability of porn:
"Pornography is no longer relegated to the dark corners of the newsstand or the scuzzy box in the video store; it's now in your inbox. It's on the radio, the television and the billboards. We live in an America that makes [amateur sex-tape star] Paris Hilton a cultural icon and [professional porn star] Jenna Jameson a New York Times best-selling author."
Frankly, I think this focus is long overdue. As a parent with grown children in their mid-thirties I am glad I do not have to worry about the proliferation of sleaze and the casual acceptance of porn star actresses and singers, the embodiment of small-time criminals as contestants on mainstream media tv reality shows, and the gross and inexcusable sexualization of children.

There is reason why child pornography is proliferating. For those satiated and bored with pornography, it is a new rush. Excuse me, but as a parent, I applaud the Congressional-mandated plan to fight pornography. Just google sex addiction and porn addiction for a clue that this isn't just a video in the backroom of Blockbuster anymore. It's a 24-hr cycle.

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