Thursday, September 29, 2005


It never fails to disgust me that our MSM is so tolerant of muslim violence, especially against other muslims. In Algeria, they are voting on a referendum to absolve the terrorists (the Associated Press calls them "insurgents.") who waged war on society, in a civil war that left 150,000 dead. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND. Did you read about that? Was there any European Commission condemnation? Or any United Nations resolutions? Or anyone else?

The terrorism (not "insurgency") began in 1992 when the army canceled voting when it became apparent that the fundamentalist Islamic Salvation Front might win. As the AP says, "Daily beheadings and massacres committed by Islamic extremists followed. Tens of thousands of civilians were killed." In response, thousands disappeared, probably at the hands of the security forces. Nightly, the terrorists would slit the throats of villagers, sometimes a whole village. Men, women, children. The New York Times on the war:
Algeria soon faced a bloodbath. Militant Islamic groups attacked government agents and civilians, often slaughtering men, women and children at night. Meanwhile, state security forces abducted thousands of people, and the government provided arms to militias that dispensed vigilante justice. Much of this happened without international attention, in part because journalists were made targets and were killed.
The writer got this from dredging up this 1996 NYTimes piece by Roger Cohen. What he didn't reproduce was this interesting bit:
Diplomats said Clinton had written two letters in the last year to President Liamine Zeroual, a retired general, urging him to be "inclusive" -- to reach out to as wide a spectrum as possible of the nonviolent opposition in seeking national reconciliation.
In other words, deal with the terrorists in the same way Northern Ireland is forced to deal with IRA terrorists and Israel was forced, by the Clinton administration, to deal with Yassir Arafat, terrorist extraordinare.

Timeline of the Algerian War here
(Scroll to 1997 to get some idea of the scale of the terrorism. )
List of Algerian massacres here

In April 1994 civil war broke out in Rwanda. Roughly 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus died. And our MSM, the UN, Bill Clinton and the rest of the world were, again, equally silent. Had the terrorists not been defeated, no doubt the EU, the UN, and Bill Clinton would have tried to impose a compromise on the Algerian government to accept terrorists into the government as well.

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