Thursday, September 29, 2005


Rodney King, the Los Angeles Times idea of a hero, albeit one that sparked a riot that killed 55 people, permanently crippled a fireman who was shot by rioters, 2,300 injured,** 1,100 buildings damaged,** and caused $1 billion in damage, has been -- arrested again.

This time, the charge is making criminal threats - threatening to kill his daughter (age 23) and wife after the two got into a fight with his current girlfriend. Apparently, they all live together. Which makes "Can we all get along?" a work in progress for Mr. King. Some public spirited citizen kept track of his arrest record up until 2001 when John Q. Public, no doubt, got tired and gave up. There were several more, including this domestic dispute in 2003. CNN calls him a "public figure." I guess he is, in the same mold as John Gotti. Only the media loved him.

**from the CNN article.

I remember the riots. Even 30 miles away, the pall of smoke was so thick that nursing homes ordered extra oxygen for their skilled nursing facilities in case elderly patients were affected. The ash from the fires was worse than any forest fire we have experienced. And having read the hype that the Los Angeles Times gave to the beating that seems, in retrospect, not only appropriate but remarkably less than what King deserved, the Times worked very hard for the riot they wanted. The second one.

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