Monday, September 26, 2005

Random thoughts on a Monday morning

MICKEY KLAUS: "TimesSelect doesn't need to be replaced by TimesDelete. TimesSelect is TimesDelete!" YUP Read the whole thing.

GLOBAL WARMING If global warming is inevitable -- as it seems to be with projections that even with adoption and implementation of the Kyoto protocol, the reductions will be miniscule -- New Orleans will be under water anyway in ten or fifteen years years why rebuild? They should just go the Tuvalu route and sue the U.S. for global warming.

CAN'T WE ALL GET ALONG CANADA Canada will resume selling dual-use nuclear technology to India. It's reactivating Canada's armament of India. India's first nuclear device used Canadian technology. Hey! Maybe Canada can help Iran along??? Ya think?

CANADIAN IMMIGRATION The Globe and Mail's poll today isn't turning out the way they like. At 11:30 am PT "Do you largely approve of the way Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board handles its job? had a lopsided 1473 yes to 8850 nos. Background
UPDATE: Final tally 1869 yes 11268 no

KEEP THE DONATIONS COMING BECAUSE ... The CBC has good news. Headline: "IRA disposes 'totality' of illegal arsenal" allegedly verified by (from another article at CBC) a retired Canadian general and "The IRA permitted two independent witnesses - a Methodist minister and a Roman Catholic priest close to Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams - to view the secret disarmament work conducted by officials from Canada, Finland and the United States." Is 'totality' the same thing as absolutely all of them? And speaking of terrorists, isn't Al-Jazeera running on Canadian television? Yep.

GERMANY - a German doll company is selling a Dalai Lama doll in plastic. "The doll measures 46 centimetres in height and its paint matches the Dalai Lama's skin colour." At 165 Euro it will come to $198.90 for the 18-inch statue in Dalai Lama's skin color to replace your garden gnome kidnapped by the Gnome Liberation Front. Richard Gere will be thrilled.

POLISH VOTERS DECIDE This is the difference between Europe and the U.S. From Deutsche Welle: "Poland Veers to the Right After Election" Didn't the voters veer right before the elections??

TAKING NO SIDES Despite two years of investigation and a two and a half month trial, conviction and sentencing, Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas is, to the Guardian, “A suspected al-Qaida leader.” He was sentenced for “being the leader of a terrorist organization.” The man was tried and convicted after a preponderance of evidence convinced the Spanish judges of his guilt but the Guardian in their infinite wisdom convicts him of suspicion of being an al-Qaida leader. What more do they need? Osama bin Ladin’s rolodex?

OVERHYPED CELEBRITY I just heard a radio ad by Mary Lou Retton. I could never warm up to the girl who, unfortunately, looked a little like a garden gnome herself.

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