Monday, September 26, 2005


A doctor who went to Louisiana to help out describes how he, among others, were just not needed. Not content, however, he had to try to screw up the work that others were doing.
Figuring that there may, in fact, have been a communication problem between the various groups, I called one of my patients back in Washington who is chief of staff to a member of Congress from the Gulf region. Perhaps he could iron out any red tape. The next thing I knew I was escorted to the nerve center of the entire rescue operation. I met the governor's chief of staff, the head of the federal Health and Human Services team, the coordinator of the state hospitals and a FEMA representative. They were all trying desperately to find a place for a physician with my skills.
And they didn't have another bloody thing to do except take time out to meet you, you colossal twit. The good doctor finally seems to recognize this, but not before he, no doubt, made a bloody nuisance of himself.

Another case of ego chasing the media cameras.

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