Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pragmatic terrorism

Interesting tidbit. [Bolding mine]
The [Israeli] cabinet decision Sunday [to withhold tax receipts] means Israel will halt the transfer of about $50 million US in taxes it collects monthly on behalf of the Palestinians under a 1994 economic accord. That money accounts for nearly half of the Palestinian Authority's payroll and could compromise the ability of the Palestinian government - the largest employers in the territories - to pay salaries.
Also of note is the leftwing Toronto Star admitting that Hamas has killed hundred of Israelis. They do not, however, go so far as to call them a Terrorist organization, despite the fact that the EU, Canada, and United State do. (The BBC leaves Canada off their list of countries that list Hamas as terrorists - Hamas was removed from list by Chr├ętien for a time. The CBC quibbles that they are a group associated with terrorists despite this definition by the Canadian government.)

The Toronto Star does not acknowledge the fact that Hamas' ruling party can't exactly rule. This is how they see Hamas taking charge.
About a dozen newly elected lawmakers are imprisoned in Israeli jails and one is in a Palestinian prison. Two others could not attend as they are fugitives from Israel.
The Globe and Mail, to their credit, put it into that inconvenience into perspective.

Which is why Ismail Haniyeh was nominated as prime minister. Considered a leader of Hamas' "pragmatic wing", this term seems to be one that Hamas has chosen to describe Haniyeh in their text messaging to media outlets. Whether or not he is "pragmatic" or even "moderate" as some describe him is questionable. Note that Hamas is still a "militant group" to the Associated Press. Maybe that's because the U.N. is still debating the definition of "terrorism". (Little surprise considering the composition of the UN's Counter-Terrorism Committee and the fact that U.N. relief agencies employ Hamas members on their staff, a fact deplored by no less than Jerrod Nadler.)

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