Monday, February 27, 2006

Good for Bolton

The U.S. will vote against the new Human Rights Council.
For this reason. [Emphasis mine.]
Under the proposal, the 53-member Human Rights Commission would be replaced by a 47-member Human Rights Council elected by an absolute majority of the 191-member General Assembly -- 96 members -- not the two-thirds majority that Mr. Annan, the United States and human-rights campaigners had sought in an effort to keep human-rights abusers off.
Naturally, "human rights groups and a dozen Nobel Peace prize winners urged the United States to support the new council, calling it a significant step forward."

If the goal is to replace the "widely criticized and highly politicized" Human Rights Commission that has been "attacked for allowing some of the worst-offending countries to use their membership to protect one another from condemnation or to criticize others" then how does a vote of 50% of the U.N. membership help change anything? The new Human Rights Council would immediately include the EXACT same despicable violaters that were on the old commission. But then, that's exactly what the U.N. wants.

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