Friday, February 17, 2006

Manufactured Outrage

Charles Krauthammer on the White House press corps performance:
"as a psychiatrist I found the groups I ran for inpatient schizophrenics far more civilized".

And they were probably less hypocritical than our MSM.
Secrecy? This was hardly an affair of state. And it was hardly going to be kept secret. Arrogance? The media laying these charges are the same media that just last week unilaterally decided that the public's right to know did not extend to seeing cartoons that had aroused half the world, burned a small part of it and deeply affected the American national interest. Having arrogated to themselves the judgment of what a free people should be allowed to see regarding an issue that is literally burning, they then go ballistic over a few hours' delay in revealing an accident with only the most trivial connection to the nation's interest or purpose.

Cheney got a judgment call wrong, for reasons that are entirely comprehensible. The disproportionate, at times hysterical, response to that error is far less comprehensible.
It's called foaming for the cameras, the same mob instinct you see in the Middle East in the manufactured riots.   Manufactured outrage is an artform perfected by the Left.

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