Wednesday, February 22, 2006


In life, sometimes you stumble upon a book and think yourself lucky to have found it.   It becomes a treasured friend, a source of guildance, a spark of joy.   I found a blogger at The Doctor Is In - that has the same wonderful appeal.

This 2004 essay on Liberalism and Gnosticism is only one of his great writings.

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Sophia Sadek said...

Thanks for the pointer! It's been a great help. Dr. Bob's article is proving to be a great promotion for gnosticism. Thanks to you and to Dr. Bob.

While discussing the article, one of our students pointed out that the true rift between liberals and conservatives stems from the same mistake, taken from two different approaches. Liberals tend to render unto Caesar that which belongs to Christ. Conservatives make a similar mistake as they tend to render unto Christ that which belongs to Caesar.

For example, liberals want Caesar to take over the Christly role of health and healing. Conservatives want to practice the Caesarian role of plundering and killing in the name of Christ.

Dr. Bob's article may help us to draw liberals away from the futile pursuit of getting Caesar into the health and healing practice.