Monday, February 06, 2006

Good idea/dumb Radio Netherlands

This is an idea worth considering.
[Belgian] Philosopher Etienne Vermeersch said 'Belgian newspapers should publish such cartoons each week so that Muslims get used to the idea'
On the other hand, Radio Netherlands goes all touchy feely to excuse the outlandish protests by criticisng the opposition.
In many European countries, the vast influx of immigrants, many from Islamic countries, has led to problems of integration, and created a platform for right-wing anti-immigrant parties who play on fears that fundamentalist Islam is on the rise and trying to impose its world view on the host countries.
What rational person does not believe this to be true? In Toronto, they allow Sharia law. In the Netherlands, they tolerate the intolerable - murder and death threats against an elected official.

Therein is the problem with European amorality. Lacking any beliefs, they abandoned patriotism for a multiculturalism that embraces all cultures equally despite any murderous intentions and despite war declared upon their own citizens. What the Leftists have done -- in Europe and to some degree the U.S. -- is sell out their own countries. What they are doing now in not supporting Denmark in every European newspaper is busily selling out each other.

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