Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Hugh Hewitt scores big with The MSM Campaign Against Cheney.

Read it all. It's a great article.

I recently had a debate with a friend who said he thought this whole episode was because the MSM found "bad news" sold better than "good news." I pointed out that if that was so, why does FOX News have twice the ratings as the MSM? And why does the Los Angeles Times sell less newspapers today than they did in 1960? Why does the MSM insist on a Chris Matthews whose show, on average, has less than 300,000 viewers while competitors wipe him out night after night, after night?

The MSM isn't in the business to make money. They are in the power business - for themselves and the Democrat party. It isn't an economic model they are pursuing. It is a vendetta and a hissy fit because they are furious at their irrelevance.

Hugh Hewitt is right.
The MSM is unhinged, a victim of its Bush hatred, which includes of course hatred of Cheney. The idea that failure to tell the White House press corps of a hunting accident for 14 hours is in anyway similar to leaving a woman to die in a submerged car while fleeing the scene or the cover-up of Watergate is just nuts.
And the American people know it.
Indeed, we do.

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