Friday, February 17, 2006

Blessed by our Enemies

Just when you think Democrats can't sink any lower, there's the Democrat from Dallas seeking election to the Texas House of Representatives who once worked as a prostitute.   He was male escort.   (And Mary Kay salesman.)

He was endorsed by fellow Democrats.   He was also a member of the Dallas Citizen Police Review Board.   That's just what police need - oversight by a male hooker.   Hey, but it's not his fault!   He was quick to point out he was abused physically and emotionally and sexually as a child.

Then there is Alex Baldwin calling Vice President Cheney a terrorist.  

Richard Dreyfuss is still building monuments on top of mountains to try to lure space aliens to land.   No doubt to help in his call for impeachment of President Bush.   He is also calling for a return to the principle of civility while he calls Bill O'Reilly Mr. Smarty-Pants.

Thank God these people are not on my side.

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Jorgen said...

Perhaps Slick Willie was quite good material for a Dem: an insane al-Gore, a babbling non-entity like Kerry and a nutcase like Dean. I don't know anything about the male hooker - but maybe he is a step up from the abovementioned?