Monday, February 20, 2006

David Irving

Our very own Associated Press (owned by our very own MSM) reports that "Right-wing British historian David Irving" pleaded guilty of denying the Holocaust and was sentenced to three years in jail for the crime of giving two speeches.   He appeared in court in handcuffs.  And he isn't the only European on trial after being deported from Canada.

Aside from the slam at the "right", there is hypocrisy of the media. On one hand they claim their championship of "freedom of speech" but show no outrage when speech is declared a criminal offense.   Not suprising since the MSM were also in favor of criminalizing "hate speech" too.   And they find the Danish cartoons too offensive to print in a burst of sensitivity they do not show Christianity.   It isn't an issue of free speech for the press and media and not for us.   It is Big Brother.   Who gets to decide is the issue.

I deplore what Irving thinks.   I also deplore most of the speeches of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farakkhan and the rest of the race baiting industry leaders.   I deplore the speeches of Al Gore for the utter shamelessnes and pandering and lunacy.   And everytime I hear Paul Begala and the skinhead who is married to that other loser consultant, I feel disgusted.   And Howard Dean is an advertisement for the need for anti-depressants.   There isn't a one of them I would not march for in the streets if they were arrested for their speech.   Not because I like them, but because human dignity demands freedom to think and speak.  

It's a dignity they would deny every one of us if they could.


Jorgen said...

Good points! BTW Irving writes very well. I can recommend his "Hitler's War" history book (downloadable free of charge from Irvings web-site).

(It does not have anything about the holocaust).

Mediaskeptic said...

Irving is a raving anti-semite. Which IMHO makes his judgement on history slightly suspect.

His great mistake was he should have changed his citizenship to French, written his books and waited to be declared a French "intellectual" and then run for public office where anti-semiticism is an artform.

Jorgen said...

I know what he stands for and I don't sympathesize with his views: I have read a large part of his web-site and a good part of the court case against Lipstadt. However, like a true professional, he is fully capable of keeping history and personal politics apart (unlike some historians): the book appear to be well-researched and is about the war, not about the holocaust [it is not mentioned].
(I read the 1977 version).

Mediaskeptic said...

I admit I have not read his history of WWII. I will look up his online book and read.

My objection to him as a historian is that he shows such poor judgement in his personal life that I am automatically leery of his judgement of historical events. I wouldn't buy a used car from a NASCAR driver either. Nor a biography from a convicted con man. And I wouldn't fly on a plane where the pilot spent his off work time at the gaming tables in Las Vegas either. I just don't think people can separate their professions and personalities.

History isn't a collection of facts so much as an interpretation of past events. It could well be that the rejection of much of his early, reportedly more reliable work might have sent him off the rails. That bothers me too because it suggests some underlying instability. That being said, I think jaiing him is political persecution.

The Times of London reports 158 have been convicted in Austria, only 12 received any time in jail. The prosecution of "deniers" is, in Austria, an attempt to label the opposition on the right as immoral. It's equivalent to calling someone a "Racist" in that it assumes a moral superiority merely by labeling someone else and branding them forever.

It's a tactic the Left loves.

Jorgen said...

Historians come in two flavours: those who study the works of other historians and those who study the archives. Irving belongs firmly to the latter group. Most historians work at a university and therefore can't take time off from teaching and admin to study archives.

Anyway, that particular book is an excellent read.