Saturday, February 18, 2006

Holy Smoly

"It is a religion of peace." Huh


Mediaskeptic said...

Honestly, if I thought they would stone each other to death, sharia law might be a good idea.

On a more serious note, it shows how many muslims in Britain are unassimilated. Only a country transfixed by celebrity and crippled a lack of self-worth would fail to be alarmed.

Jorgen said...

And this is how the Muslims the British government has allowed in think:
"Four out of 10 British Muslims want sharia law introduced into parts of the country, a survey reveals today."

Jorgen said...

Yes, and that is the problem all over Europe. The US Muslims seem better integrated.

Mediaskeptic said...

That is because, I believe, most immigrants to the U.S. do not feel superior to the culture they find in their new country as they do in Europe.

"Multiculturalism" (fake tolerance) was the Left's way of importing population without assilimation precisely to undermine national populations because they could not win elections otherwise. I say it was a deliberate act because it isn't as if they did not know the consequences. Noted liberal Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. forewarned of the problem as far back as 1998.

And it isn't just Europe. Canada has the same problem and for the same reasons. Toronto briefly had sharia law. Only the cartoon riots have convinced them that they should consider a national law against sharia councils.

In fact, the cartoon wars are demonstrating the failure of multiculturalism to an unawakened population better than any warning from Schlesinger.

Jorgen said...

Good points. The riots in Paris and the cartoons appears to have opened the eyes on a lot of people. Many of them can now see the ridiculous in multiculturalism.