Monday, February 20, 2006

Hall of Shame

I don't follow the Olympics, primarily because of the corrupt IOC (International Olympics Committee.)   So I am not surprised at the Austrian dope scandal.   Only the scale.

Not only did the team use the drugs, but their coach fled, raced back to Austria, stuck a police officer with his car in an escape attempt and then slammed into a police car, totaling both.   This isn't a doping story.   It is criminality and it goes hand in hand with the corruption of the IOC.

This also true about most American sports who, like the IOC, recieve most of their revenue stream from American media for television rights.   Whether doping for the Olympics or doping for baseball, the coaches ought to be banned for life and the players banned for 10 years minimum.   First offense.   Doping isn't just cheating.   It is drug addiction.   And the MSM is a large part of the problem for not insisting on higher standards.   So, too, are the viewers.

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