Saturday, March 11, 2006

Shameful and Disgusting

Remember when "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me?" was a happy childhood refrain? That was, of course, before the you-are-all-victims industry decided that ethnic jokes and derision were "hate speech." And people were "racists" for speech that was politically incorrect. Check out this Canadian travesty. (Full ruling here. )

Human Rights Tribunals and Commissions are unelected "courts" of redress when the oversensitive want to silence and punish others. I deplore inflammatory speech but I am a grown up. Words don't harm. The harm is to our concept of justice when citizens are persecuted without the protection of laws. The problem with non-elected, politically appointed, Human Rights Commissions and Tribunals are that their rulings are not subject to court review, and their decisions are not based upon laws of concensus, but of might.

The tricky thing with might, of course, is that one day those persecuting others will be on the other end of the tribunal table. Then, I suppose the "human rights crusader" will appeal to human decency after a lifetime of shameful conduct. It would be a good time then to kick the bastards in the teeth.

Note: Look who got an award for "pain and suffering" (see 110) in a smilar case. For a time, he worked for the commission. (see 4) in another case.

Read this decision on another case (see 218-226) that awarded $9,500 to an "overqualified" job applicant for not being hired for a job for which others (who were considered) were more qualified. (Follow the logic on that one, if you can.)

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