Monday, March 20, 2006

MSM on Blogs

Newsday on wanna-be journalists with blogs. [Emphasis mine.]
'Every so-called professional blogger I know wants to work for print,' says Melissa Lafsky, 27, a lawyer whose popular blog at Opinionistas .com led to her finding a book agent, quitting her big law-firm job and starting a novel based on her blog. 'There's still that desire for legitimacy. I'll admit it: I'll feel like a real writer when I have something published in print. 'Til then, I feel I'm faking it. Most bloggers I've talked to feel the same way.'"
It makes the media feel better to imagine that bloggers just wanna be JUST LIKE like them. They even have a quote from the faked-entry blogger-wannabe Arianna Huffington that she (or her publicist) might have written.

MSM cheerleader Romenesko appears to be skeptical . His headline was Claim: Most bloggers dream of working for a print publication

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