Thursday, March 23, 2006

EU - pronounced EWWWWWW

The EU, or parts of it anyway -- Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Great Britain and Italy -- are starting to reconsider multiculturalism, the unfettered joys of a fragmented society.

They are now considering a European "Test for Foreigners" - an integration contract to apprise newcomers of their rights and obligations. Oh, and they also want to do something about terrorism and illegal immigration.

And THAT is the problem with Europe. There is no real European unity on any problem, nor any consensus or willingness to fix anything. The conference is a photo op where the problems are discussed and half heartedly debated and some future conference is announced, usually by France, and then France will set out to undermine national policies of neighboring countries, and the disintegration of their societies continues unabated.

To anyone else, the idea of following France anywhere would be suicidal at best. Bloomberg : French unemployment is 9.6% (and - from CNN - around 50% for the some groups, 22% for the young). Annual growth is limited to 2 percent. Unemployment is dropping, they are quick to point out. Except, of the 110,000 new jobs created in the first half of the year, 85,000 will get government subsidies or be in the non-profit sector. Subsidized jobs and a 35-hour workweek and stop-gab measures that placate noone and punish business are the French solutions. Buying off the public with guaranteed jobs for life may no longer be possible. France is at war with capitalism, students, their labor unions, and unassimilated immigrants.

Like GM and Ford, France has made political accommodations with unions for decades. Power in exchange for union cooperation and collaboration in making use of union funds. Like GM and Ford, France is no longer capable of even pretending to be viable.

Not so very unlike the Democrat party.

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