Wednesday, March 22, 2006

AP HACK OUSTED and now we know why

We were right to be indignant when we learned about AP correspondent Christopher Graff's connections with the Democrat party.

When the longtime AP correspondent was abruptly fired ousted, there was speculation as to why. Turns out it was exactly what we expected from those cozy connections. He had posted a column by Patrick Leahy, the ultra-liberal, highly partisan Senator from Vermont. Graff had posted the column to the wire in advance of the release. Within a hour the AP had removed the column and advised newspapers not to run it. According to a source, the AP criticized Graff and said he had compromised the integrity of the wire service.

Running advance copy of speeches and columns by political hacks - correction, Democrat hacks -- is how the AP and the newspapers that own the AP prepare an advance assault to promote a hatchet job. They've done it for decades. Only now, they have to actually contend with readers who might strike back.

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