Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Screw the New York Times and Prosecute them

Michael Barone is conflicted on prosecuting the media under the Espionage Act for their disclosures of secrets.
Part of me says that a prosecution of the Times and its sources would be fully justified, probably more so than the prosecutions of Morison and Franklin. That part of me also tends to think that the Times, in its contradictory stances on the Plame and NSA disclosures, has been acting out of malicious political motives and in reckless disregard of the real security interests of the United States.
He concludes that the government should act with caution and restraint.   He feels that the Times has recklessly brought this peril on itself.  

IMHO - The only danger I can see is if we lose the case.   Because the NYTimes has become so unhinged that it is endangering my country, my fellow countrymen and the future of my country.   It's one thing to hide the misdeeds of tyrants and dictators and terrorists.   It's another thing altogether to give encouragement to tyrants and dictators and terrorists.

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